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Expotoons conference program includes a diverse theme that goes through the entire production process of the audiovisual piece.

Transmedia, Script Development, Stop Motion, Video Games, Distribution, Co- production, 3D Animation, Pitching, Classic techniques, Modern techniques, New technologies, 2D Animation, Applications, International and local themes, Voice, Diffusion, Financing and more.

For Expotoons 9th edition we will bring together a group of renamed international speakers who will share their secrets and experiences in the animation business with the audience.

We will let you know shortly who the speakers of Expotoons 2015 will be.

Speakers Expotoons 2014

Acosta Celeste

Peppermelon Argentina

Celeste has worked as community manager in several digital agencies, and at Gobierno de la Ciudad of Buenos Aires. Celeste now is Peppermelon’s CCO, developing communication strategies for the studio and for several crowdfunding campaigns at the creative agency Ño Empire. She is also a digital entrepreneur, amongst her creations are and

Calvi Germán

INCAA Argentina

German is Content Manager for TV, Internet and Videogames for INCAA and is General Coordinator of Content Producer for TV, Internet and Videogames at INCAA. He also works as General Coordinator of INCAA- UNSAM treaty.

He has previously worked as Planning Director and General Coordinator for the Tv show DOCTV Latinamerica II.

Castillo René

Calavera Films, México

René Castillo was born in México city and studied Communication at Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) in Guadalajara Jalisco. In 1992 he discovers animation and from then onwards learns by himself. His short films “Sin Sostén” (1998) and “Hasta los huesos” (2001) were awarded more than 50 times at Cinema and Animation festivals all over the world.

René is director of Calavera Films and directs, co-writes and co-produces his first animated feature film “Thingdom”.

Cornejo Àngeles

Animation director of “Zamba´s world”

Fanego Harte Camila

Producer of “Zamba´s world”, Argentina

The amazing adventure of Zamba is born due to the need to connect children and history in an interesting way. The idea was to convert history into an adventure and enhance children´s learning. Zamba was created to be a children´s cartoon but was enhanced and turned out to be a multiplatform character challenging the team to adapt and constantly exploit new formats.

In 2012 Zamba´s thematic park opened in Tecnopolis, reopening with new shows in 2013 and 2014. A Festival of Zamba and San Martin was created. Also Zamba´s band was formed and Zamba´s karaoke became popular. In 2014 Zamba´s serie in ebooks was launched, and a new room in Malvinas Museum was dedicated to Zamba and augmented reality.

Zamba has undergone diverse experiences that obliged it to produce new and interesting formats. These formats required the creation of dynamic teams that would easily grow and reduce according to short time requirements.

D'Angelo Maximiliano

Peppermelon Argentina

Marcelo has a degree in Audiovisual Realization and Postproduction. He began as a photographer and in 2010 joined Peppermelon. He now works as Executive producer producing 360 campaigns for clients such as Google, Xbox, Tigo Paraguay amongst others.

In 2012 he begun making Crowdfunding campaigns in platforms as Kikstarter giving advice to Hickies creators and nowadays he also is Chief Culture Officer at Ño Empire.

Godoy Ignacio

Peppermelon Argentina

Ignacio has a degree in audiovisual postproduction at UNLA, and has specialized as a 3D generalist and as composer for many studios until 2007 when he started working at Peppermelon. Nowadays he works as COO at Peppermelon.


Ralph is mentor at Buenos Aires Comunicación (BAC) a tertiary school whose main objective is to search for and develop talents for cinema, TV and new media. He created Much Music Latin America in 1992 when cable initiated in this region. Ralph participated in the development and launch of Construirtv, the channel for workers in Argentina.

As Creative Director for Claxon Group, nowadays Turner Broadcasting Systems, he has been in charge of paid TV channels such as I.Sat, Space, Infinito, Retro, Fashion TV, HTV and Playboy.

He currently is one of the partners of The Other Screen, the first alternative content distributor for cinemas in Latinamerica, and of Selecta, the only platform for OTT video, dedicated to classic music concerts in the web, cellphones and smartv.

Holcer Pablo

Sony Pictures Imageworks Canadá

Born in Argentina and graduated as Art professor at Bellas Artes National School “Pridiliano Pueyrredon”.

After living and working for some years in Madrid where he worked in sculpture and photography, he came back to Argentina to start his professional job in animation and visual effects.

In 2002 he traveled to the USA where he began his adventure in the VFX and animation for Hollywood Studios. He has worked for Industrial Light and Magic and Rhythm and Hues Studios where he participated in the supervision of “Life of Pi“ and the “Golden Compass” both winners of the Oscar to VFX.

Actually he works as Senior Compositor and CG Supervisor for Sony Pictures Imageworks in Vancouver where he has recently participated in films such as “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs2”, “The amazing Spiderman 2” and “Smurfs 2”.

Iparraguirre Alejandro


Alejandro has a degree of technician in commercialization and electronics. He develops and produces events for the videogames industry.

He is a professor at Palermo University, at the Multimedia Department, as well as professor at Undergraduate and Master´s Degree of Economic Arts at National University of Tres de Febrero. He is working in the video games development industry at Gamester and he is the spokesperson at DUVAL (United Developers of video games in Latin America). Alejandro is coordinator of the video games area for the Ministry of Culture of Argentina. He works as video games producer, coordinating the development team and as technology and marketing referee in the industry. He is also an entrepreneur, having developed Game Work Jam (video games entrepreneurship event), Maipun (Mapuche mythology video game) and Kloketen (ludic education app).

Kirzner Damian

Mediamorfosis Argentina

Degree in Social Communication (UBA), General producer, Cinema and TV Artistic Director and Transmedia specialist.

During the last 25 years Damian has been General Producer and Artistic Director of the principal TV producers in Argentina, such as Promofilm, Ideas del Sur y Cuatro Cabezas. In them all he created solid artistic and production structures that remain nowadays. After that he became an independent producer and worked together with the principal tv referees in the region. Damian has worked as a media consultant in Argentina, Italy, Spain and Uruguay.

Several of his pieces have received the Martin Fierro award (Sorpresa y media, Señoras y Señores, Okupas, amongst others) and he has received the Golden Medal at the New York Festival for the tv show “Cuatro amigas”. In 2011 he was chosen the “Young media entrepreneur of the year in Argentina” (YCME) by the British Council. In 2013 nominated to the EMMY DIGITAL AWARDS for the transmedia format CONECTADOS.

Lipovich Agustina

Ideame, Argentina

Agustina is responsible for projects and creations at, using new technologies in cultural projects. She is also a curator at Hogar Municipal Museum at Olavarria, Buenos Aires, where she is in charge of the planning of the educative area together with Eleonora Cardoso and Paulo Portella.

She has worked in Education and museums for the Contemporary Art Museum in Buenos Aires, since its opening in 2012. She was the creator and curator of the art gallery and audiovisual space El Quetzal Casa Cultural 2012 - 2013, dedicated to emerging art belonging to MECA movement.

She works as freelance for expositive projects and independent movie cycles.

Mc Kerlie Yanina

Pakapaka Argentina

Image and sound designer (UBA). She began her professional career working at the production and direction of feature films.

Since 2010 Yanina participates in the creation of the area of Project Development of children´s tv channel Pakapaka. This is the first public children´s channel of Argentina. Yanina is in charge of the evaluation of the tv projects for children.

She also is joint professor at the Production and Realization department at the University of Buenos Aires.

Mistrorigo Kiko

TV PinGuim Brasil

TV PinGuim is a Brazilian animation producer oriented to the self production of materials, especially for children in 2D and 3D.

Kiko Mistrorigo is director and co founder of TV PinGuim as well as architect, designer, creativity director, animator and special effects creator. Together with Celia Catunda he founded in 1989 the producer of content TV PinGuim. He has written, produced and directed more than 400 hours of animation for Cinema and Television. Amongst his projects are: Peztronauta (Discovery Kids, distributed in Latin America and more than 80 countries), Gemini8 (Disney Channel and Disney Jr) and coming this October, El Mundo de Luna.

Montgomery Conrad

Cartoon Network, USA

Conrad Montgomery is director of comedy animation for Cartoon Network. In this role, Montgomery is responsible for supervising the pop culture phenomenon Adventure Time, the Emmy® Award-winning Regular Show and Cartoon Network’s latest hit original animated series, Uncle Grandpa, all of which are produced at Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, CA.

Prior to joining Cartoon Network, Montgomery was a development and current series executive at Walt Disney Television where he worked on Fish Hooks, Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil and Motor City. Earlier in his career, he was a creative executive at Lions Gate Films where he worked on such films as Confidence and Monster's Ball.

Montgomery graduated from California State University, Northridge with a bachelor of arts degree in Cinema and Television Arts.

Nallar Durgan


Durgan has worked in the video games industry´s development through graphic, web and electronic mediums for more than 14 years. He has been redaction manager at Xtreme PC in Argentina and director of Master Player in Mexico, amongst other many publications. He actually works as general manager of [IRROMPIBLES], Argentina´s most professional gamer online community and print magazine.

During the past 6 years he has also worked as a professor of Game Art and Game Design, giving seminars and video games design and gamification clinics in several institutions. He is also a digital professor at Maimonides University. He also teaches an intensive course of video game design at Game Design America Latina School.

Rocha Camila

INCAA Argentina

Image and sound designer from UBA, she works as Content Coordinator for TV, Internet and videogames in the Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA). Camila coordinates the animation area since 2011.

She has participated as jury in 2012/2013 at Expotoons International Festival of Animation and in Chilemonos (Chile) in 2014, representing Argentina in the First Platform for Coproduction of Latin American animation.

Rojas Tellez Alejandro


Alejandro has a Degree in Art from Universidad Catolica in Chile, another degree in Design at Universidad Mayor in Chile and is creator and director of the Digital Animation Degree at Universidad Mayor.

He has dedicated to the artistic and productive development of Animation in Chile, and is the director of Cinemanimadores. He has directed three animated feature films and has worked on the animation for feature films in Mexico, Argentina and Spain. Alejandro has worked in more than 500 animated commercial spots, several TV shows for Chile, Europe, Argentina and the USA.

He was received 9 national and international awards, as a director (for Altazor, Apes, Círculo de críticos de arte), and 5 International awards (Argentina, Mexico and Colombia).

Russo Mariano

Peppermelon Argentina

Image and sound designer, Mariano started his career in animation at 19 at Takatanka Animation Studio and continued working at the Ministry of Education. Later on he joined Peppermelon as director in order to guide the art of the projects in the studio.

Sabatini Patricio, Argentina

Musician, producer, publisher. He studied publicity at UCES and music at WMC – Berklee College of Music.

He is co-founder and communication director at, which teaches about alternative independent cultural work and online and offline communication campaigns.